Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My little guy is sick again!

My poor little guy. It seems like he has been sick a lot lately. William has been sick since Friday with a runny nose, cough, and low grade fever. I figured it was just a cold, but it has been 5 days now, so I stayed home from work and took him to the doctor. The doctor said he has ear infections in both ears and RSV. RSV is an upper respiratory thing. I got a call from William's daycare provider before we left for the dr, and she said that one of the other kids was in the hospital for RSV. RSV can be very dangerous for kids under 1, but for kids William's age it isn't as dangerous. It is more like a very bad cold that lasts for about 2 weeks. I'm kinda worried about the ear infections. Since he has ear infections in both ears, that means his ear tubes have fallen out. There has been some confusion if they had fallen out or not. Well, I guess this is the proof that they are out. I asked the dr about getting tubes again, but since this is just his first infection and the season for infections is just about over, we will just wait and see how he does. If he gets more infections, then we will talk to the ENT about getting another set. William is now on antibiotics for the next 10 days and nothing extra for the RSV unless his breathing gets bad. I feel bad that not only was William feeling under the weather for his party, but will also still be feeling bad for his official birthday on Thursday. Oh, hugs to my poor boy.

How are other things going on? Well, Benjamin is doing pretty well. He is on his last set of classes for his degree, so in about 3 - 4 weeks he will be done with school. He has worked so hard for this, and I am really proud of him. I'm doing ok. I am struggling with working along with morning sickness. When I was pregnant with William, I was home on summer vacation when I had morning sickness. This time around I am working full-time and have the added bonus of a very active toddler (that is sick on top of it). As you can guess, I am struggling to survive to spring break. I've been eating a lot of crackers, plain toast, and any other crazy thing I've heard on the internet to get some relief. I guess it could be worst and I could be vomiting everyday. I've just been nauseous all day. I guess the best thing I have found so far that helps is a Jolly Rancher. My next appointment isn't until March 24th, but we should be getting an ultrasound at that appointment. Part of me is excited to let the cat out of the bag about this pregnancy. I'm terrible at keeping secrets; especially really good secrets. However, part of me kinda wishes I would have waited until the end of the first trimester in case we have another miscarriage. Oh well. We will enjoy this child for as long as we can. Well, I'm off to give my little boy his medicine and see if I can find a Jolly Rancher!!

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