Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It is really here! When William was born, thoughts of his first Thanksgiving where in my head even though they seemed so far away; however, it is here and I am excited. Last year at this time I was pregnant, and I had no clue how my life would change. It is amazing how one little person can change a life - or a whole family! So, as I look back at the past year thinking of all the things I am thankful for, I get a little teary eyed. To list all the things I am thankful for would be overwhelming. I've been blessed with a beautiful little boy, wonderful loving husband, and an extremely supportive family, not to mention all the things I take for granted - food, home, clothes, etc. William and I will be enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, and seeing Santa at the end of the parade. The real start of Christmas!

The Christmas season is now upon us, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this being William's first Christmas, it has even more magic! This past weekend, Benjamin, William, and I went to the mall to do some shopping. To our surprise, Santa was already there! (I thought it was weird he was there even before Thanksgiving, but oh well) So, we took William over for his first look at Santa. He sat on his lap, just staring at the old guy. He wouldn't take his eyes off of him. All the adults were trying to get William's attention to look at the camera and smile, but this little boy was too interested in the weird guy in the red suit. They snapped a couple pictures, but then it was too much. William started to cry, so Mommy went and rescued him. As soon as he got back in the stroller, we was all smiles! So, overall, William's first meeting with Santa was a good one. Here is the picture we got!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who needs to crawl...

When you can roll!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sad news

Unfortunately, our little doggie didn't make it. :-( We took her to the vet Monday morning (a week ago). I even took off work because I kinda knew what was coming. The dr at first said she was looking better, but after I told him when she got up that morning that she just fell over, the vet thought that she might be anemic. So, he took a blood sample, and from that sample the poor baby just wouldn't stop bleeding. It confirmed the dr's thought that she had a blood disorder. After he analysed her blood, it came back that her white count was really high and her red count was very low. He told us that she probably had about 2 days to live!! We just couldn't bare her to be in pain anymore, so she was put to sleep. I have never had to put a pet to sleep and even to this day there is a part of me that hates myself for doing it. I still believe that it was the best decision for her, but I do not EVER want to have to do that again. It has been a long hard week, and I am still really sad. I really don't want to get another dog right now. It just isn't the right time with both Benjamin and I working, plus the baby is going to be crawling soon. Maybe we will get a puppy this summer when I am off work and the baby is a little older. If has been tough. This is the longest I have ever gone without a dog. I miss a wet little nose to greet me. Thanks for all the prayers! At least I know that Dusty is in doggie heaven and having a great time!