Saturday, April 5, 2008

I now have a 13 month old!

Awww, my little (well, not so little anymore) 13 month old. He is the best! He still isn't walking, but he cruises around the entire house, almost like he is doing laps. He finally got his 3rd tooth. It just poked through the gums yesterday, and the 3 next too it are knocking on the door! We have his 12 month dr's appointment Monday. I know, we are a little late. Between the ear infections and the ear surgery itself, we had to cancel his 12 month appointment 2 times! Hopefully, we won't have to cancel again. We need to make sure he keeps up on his immunizations. There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about immunizations and autism. It scares me a little to do the immunizations, but I am hoping everything will work out ok. I have lots of food questions for the dr, and hopefully will get some good info about switching from a bottle to the sippy. He does great with juice or water in the sippy, but still just doesn't want milk in it! I tried to get a video clip of William doing all his tricks, but the quality is pretty bad (goes in and out of focus) but I'll post it here anyway.

Benjamin and I are fine. Benjamin has been working very hard cleaning out and moving all our games in the basement for installation of carpet. With our tax return this year, we decided to carpet the basement. Not only will it be nice for us, but it will also add value to the house if we have to sell. For those of you who have seen our basement with the 9 pinball games, crane game, pusher game, asteroids game, bowling game, juke box, Space Duel game, pool table, Foosball table, treadmill, entertainment center, and futon - he worked his little tail off! I can't wait until we get it installed! Of course, then he has to move all that stuff back! Ouch. I am fine. Spring break went way too fast, and spring fever has hit my classroom. We have a lot of field trips coming up, so hopefully that will be fun. We are looking into getting another dog! I've been heart broken since the death of Dusty, but it just hasn't been the right time to get another dog. I have put in an application with a retriever rescue, and they are going to do a home visit tomorrow! Hopefully, they can match us with a great dog. I'd like to get a puppy, so maybe we can aim for June when I am home. It might be a challenge to have a puppy and a toddler, but I am up for it!