Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bath Time!

Here is a picture of William and I after bath time last night. He is still not that thrilled with bath time, but he tolerates it well! It's not the best picture of me, but that's how I look after a long day of Mommying!

Yesterday was our follow up appointment with the pediatrician after William's visit to the ER. The Dr said that he is fine and that the whole episode was probably due to a reflux issue. He said that was completely normal, and if it happens again that we will probably need to get William on some reflux medication. I don't think we will need that. He doesn't really seem to have any reflux problems (other than that day), but we will be keeping an eye on it. They did weight him while we were there, and he is now 17 pounds!

Yesterday we also got a visit from State Farm to look at our roof after the big hail storm in May. We will be getting a new roof, but the adjuster said that the water damage in the kitchen that warped our hardwood floor was not caused by water coming in the dog door. He said that the porch outside the door was set too high so the water is coming in under the bottom and that it was a construction problem. So, it looks like I will be calling our builder and seeing what they say about it. Our house is less than 2 years old, so hopefully it won't be a big deal to fix. I hope it doesn't turn into a fight between the construction company and the insurance company. All I know is I would like the floor fixed. Hopefully, things will work out well in the end!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scored BIG at Target today!!

We scored big at Target today! One of the message boards that I frequent had lots of posts about a web coupon for Gerber Foods at Target. The coupon was $1.00 off of 2 items. Well, considering that the little jars were originally $0.52 a piece, with the coupon all the little jars were $0.04 for 2! The bigger jars were $0.69 a piece so those were only $0.38 for 2 with the coupons, and the double plastic container foods were $0.88 a piece, so with the coupon only $0.76 for 2! We got $1.00 off the cereal too! Even though William is not starting solids until he is 6 months, we couldn't pass up the deal! We got all the food here for only $34.00!!! I may go back for some of the small jars that are only $0.04 even though there wasn't much of a selection on those. The great part is that these all don't expire until like 08' or 09'! I love it when we get a good deal!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Scary Evening in the ER!!!

Yep, we spent part of last night in the ER with William. About 6:15 pm last night, William and I were at home just playing on the floor. We were practicing rolling over (he hasn't rolled over since he did it at Mom and Dad's house on Sunday) and doing some tummy time when it looked like he was spitting up. That is a pretty normal thing for him and really any baby, and when I picked him up to wipe his mouth, I could see that is was coming out of his nose. And then, William basically started to choke on it!!! It was HORRIBLE! He was choking, crying, trying to get his breath, choking some more - I started to panic a little. I figured he would kinda work it out by himself, but he just couldn't get his breath! I got his little booger sucker thing and tried to suction out his nose and mouth, but it just didn't seem to help! So, I toyed with calling 911 and figured it would take them too long to get there, so I ended up calling Mom and Dad. In a blink of an eye they were at the house and we sped off to the hospital while I was on the phone calling Benjamin (who was still at work). By now, William was doing better but was almost sneezing nonstop. When we got there, the nurses took his oxygen count, and it was at 93 (whatever that means, I think it should be about 100). They took our name and we waited to be called back. A full 45 minutes pass while we wait! It was agonizing! Benjamin made it to the hospital before we went back to get a room. Luckily, William was doing better and better, and at that point I figured he was pretty much ok. I was a little worried that he had aspirated it into his lungs and that can be a risk for pneumonia. We got into the room, and of course got to wait even longer for the dr to see us. When the dr came in, he gave William a good look through and said that his lungs were clear (thank goodness) and that he probably just choked on his spit up. We were released at about 8:30pm and by then William was doing very well. By the time we got home, he was smiling and his little red face and eyes were back to normal color. He ate his last bottle like a champ and went down to sleep with no problems. Of course, I kept going in and checking on him to make sure he was breathing!! This morning, he is back to himself and seems to be fine. I am going to make a follow up appointment with our pediatrician to make sure William's lungs are still ok. But, I can tell ya, IT WAS SCARY!!! The look on Williams face saying, "Help Mommy, I am scared and can't breathe!" is a face I won't forget! This parenting thing is a lot harder than you think sometimes!! Thank goodness someone was looking on us from up above!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

HUSTON - We have a roller!!

YEA!!! William finally rolled over! We were at my Mom's house while Benjamin was working on their patio cover. We had just put William on the floor while we were going to eat lunch, and low and behold, the boy was on his tummy!! My mom said, "William just rolled over!!!!" So, of course, being the type of mother that I am, I immediately go over to him and roll him back on his back to see him do it again. Well, little William didn't like that and got upset. So, I let him be while we finished lunch, and he proceeded to do it 3 more times while we were there!! I was so excited! (I know - easily amused! hehehe) He has to work really hard to get over, but he does it!! William is also standing more (well, putting weight on his legs). The kid is really close to crawling too. When you lay him on his tummy, he pulls his knees in and his little butt will stick up in the air. He doesn't quite have the arm motions down yet, but I'm sure he will pretty soon.

I can't believe I only have 4 more precious weeks with my Sweet William before I have to go back to work. Part of me is really looking forward to getting back to teaching since I missed it a lot while I was on maternity leave. However, it is going to be hard to leave William. That being said, we are really lucky that William will only have to be in daycare for a day or two. As of now, Benjamin will watch him on Mondays (as long as he stays on his 4 10 hour shifts), and my Dad will watch him on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That only leaves us Tuesday, and I am seeing what options there are for us. A lot of daycares have a minimum of 3 days a week, so we will just have to see what we can find.

On a personal note, I finished reading the last of the Harry Potter series yesterday, and IT WAS GREAT!! Don't worry, I won't tell you how it ends! :-) I did spend the entire day Sunday reading though, while Benjamin took care of the baby. I pretty much read from the time I got up until I finished it at midnight! It was a real page turner, and I am sorry to see the series end. I do have to say that this one is pretty much a war, but all of us Harry Potter fans knew it had to be. Overall, it was a great book, and I really enjoyed reading it!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another video of William

This is a video of William playing with his Play Gym. He loves to grab at the toys now and I love the look on his face! His eyes are as wide as can be!

Here are a couple of pictures too!

This first one is my little baby asleep with his little Duckie that Aunt Pat gave him.

Now, this picture was taken about 20 minutes later! I swear he did this all on his own. All I did was grab the camera before it fell off! I HAVE ONE GOOFY BOY! hehehe

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He likes his walker!

Many thanks to Tom and Mickey, friends of Benjamin. They graciously have let us borrow a walker, and William really likes it. He loves to play with the beads and has just figured out today that he can push himself backwards! He enjoys rolling backwards in the kitchen and is having quite a conversation with the refrigerator as I type! ;-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A baby who likes to pray!

This morning at church, the choir was warming up for Sunday services. Before we go out to the sanctuary, we always have a moment of prayer. Well, today William was joining us in the choir room because Benjamin was not able to be at church. Anyway, while I was praying with the choir, little William had to put in his 2 cents worth with me!! It was so adorable. I'm not sure what he was saying, but I'm sure God understood him!! I asked him if he was going to do that in church, and he just smiled! I always wonder what profession he will choose when he grows up. Maybe I should add pastor to the list!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Morning

This is a video of William waking up in the morning. Every morning when I go into his room he greets me with the biggest smile! I just had to catch it on video.

Also here is another picture of my adorable son!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Almost a roller - but not quite...

William is so close to rolling over from his back to his tummy!! Yesterday, he would get his lower half of his body all the way over, but the top half just couldn't make it. He would get frustrated and ask for some help from me to either get him on his tummy or roll him to his back. Here is a picture of him almost rolling...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My DENIM boy!!

Here is William in his first pair of jeans! Doesn't he look cute in denim? This outfit was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. The entire outfit is a size 6 months!
It is hard to tell in the picture, but his hair is starting to get redder! I think he may have hair like his mommy's! His eyes are starting to change color too. They aren't a solid color yet, but my guess is he will have brown eyes!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My baby is growing too fast

Today I packed away all of the clothes that no longer fit William. I can't believe how fast he is growing. I packed away his coming home outfit, the first outfit I bought when I first found out I was pregnant, and even the outfit he wore when he went up to Memorial Hospital for his surgery. It was bitter sweet. I do admit that this child is very well clothed and every time I go shopping I do look at all the baby clothes. However, I am a good girl sometimes and don't buy anything! hehehe In fact, yesterday my mom and I went shopping, and we didn't even buy William an outfit. We looked at them all, but in the end didn't get anything. I was very proud of us! We still have several outfits that we received as gifts that William hasn't grown into, but before I blink an eye he is going to be in them!

Today, I also tried putting William in his swing. He never has liked it, even since he was born. Benjamin and I thought that maybe he would enjoy it when he was bigger. So, today I put him in it while I was packing his clothes. It has been about 2 months since I tried to put him in it. All I can say is that he still just does not like it! I have never heard of a baby not liking a swing, but I guess William just proves it! I guess we can put it away and save it for the next baby - if we have one.

This baby is just growing too fast for my liking! Of course, he can't stay small forever, but I am definitely trying to hold on to these moments as much as I can!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The difference a couple of months can make!

Here are a couple of pictures of William. The first was taken when William was 2 months old and the second was taken today (4 months) The jumper is the same, but we needed to get a bigger onesie underneath!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Did you know...

that Sweet William is also a type of flower? Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The First Post

Hi Everyone! Just thought I'd start a new Blog about our Sweet William! I'm not sure how good I will be about updating once school starts, but I will try!

William is doing great! He had his 4 month well-baby dr's appointment on Friday. Here are his stats...

weight: 15 lbs 10 oz (50th percentile)
height: 24 3/4 in (75th percentile)

The doctor said that William is very healthy! Yea! The dr also told us that we should wait to start solids until William is 6 months old due to an increased risk for Type II Diabetes in children. That was something I hadn't heard, so we will be waiting. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure he is even ready to start solids. For the 4th of July, I gave him a taste of homemade ice cream, and he just kinda kept it on his tongue not sure what to do with it! There really is no need to rush him, right? He still has not rolled over yet , but he is really getting close. He will roll on his side and looks like he will go all the way, but his arm kinda gets in the way. I hope he rolls over before I head back to work in August. He is also getting very aware of his surroundings. He grabs for objects and even is starting to play with some toys! It is really fun to see him progress. He sleeps through the night (THANK GOODNESS!!! WooHoo!!!) so Benjamin and I are starting to feel human again. You don't really understand about sleep deprivation until you have a newborn. He did very well with Grandma and Grandpa while I was teaching summer school. Now that summer school is over, I get to stay home with him until school starts in August! I am happy, but I think Grandma and Grandpa will miss seeing him everyday. But they shouldn't worry. We will visit often! How's the rest of the family, you ask? Doing well!

Benjamin is great and working hard. His schedule has changed to four 10's, so he is now home on Mondays. It is nice to have him home on that extra day even though I don't think he enjoys getting up an hour earlier (5 am!). He has been working hard landscaping our backyard. He has put in a sprinkler system, sod, and about 20 tons of rock! The man is amazing! Not only that, but he is also putting up a patio cover at my parent's house. He has been very busy, and is looking forward to start working on his new (old - non-running) truck! ;-) Oh, and that is Scott in the picture helping Benjmain out with the sod! Thanks Scott! I would have loved to help, but someone had to watch the baby, right? ;-)

I'm doing well too. I enjoyed going back to work for the summer, but am EXTREMELY glad summer school is over. I just am not cut out to be a middle school teacher. I'll keep my nice 4th graders over additudal middle schoolers! I may want to hibernate when William is in middle school! hehehe Other than school, I've been back as choir director at church. We are still looking for a new pastor, so it has been kinda rough. Hopefully we will find someone who is a good match for us and soon. Physically, I am feeling more like my old self. I still have a few pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It is nice to be feeling better even though I am having some trouble getting used to my new "mommy" body. I guess it took me 9 months to get the baby, so it might take me 9 months to get back where I was.

Dusty and Zarbie (the dog and cat) are fine. Dusty is slowing down a bit now that she is 11 years old. The poor thing is going deaf, but I guess that was a plus for the 4th of July. She usually gets pretty scared from all the fireworks, but this year she did great! Even though she is slowing down, she still has some spunk to chase the cat now and again! Zarbie is his regular annoying self! ;-) He is kinda jealous of the baby when the baby gets more attention than he does, but he still sleeps with us every night and cuddles with his daddy!

Well, that kinda gets you up to speed on our family. I will try to add some pictures and update at least a few times a week. Thanks for reading!