Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spent Saturday at L&D

We thought we might be meeting our little one this week, but it was a false alarm. Yesterday morning, I though my water had a little leak. Not a full gush, but a little dribble. I wasn't sure, so I called the doctor and he said I should go in to get checked. 3 hours and some tests later, we found out my water didn't break, and that I could go home. They did say I have an "irritable uterus" which means I wasn't really having timeable contractions, but it was kinda cramping. I guess I need to take it a little easier, so that might mean working half days or not at all. I'm planning on going next week (I'll be gone a couple days for a training), but after next week, we will see how I am doing. The nurse also said I am swelling pretty badly, so once I get home I have orders to keep my feet up and lay on the couch. That is kinda hard with a very active 2 year old, but I will surely try. Oh, and I need to drink water, water, and more water. Anyway, we are very thankful everything is ok, since it still is pretty early to have a baby. I am only 34 weeks and full term is 37-40 weeks. The longer he stays with me the better. So, we did get hit with some reality - we are having another baby soon. Sometimes you just get caught up in the pregnancy that real life with an infant is not thought of much. I have a dr's appointment next week, so I guess we will see how things go from there.

I did make it through my first week of school. It was a good week, but boy was it exhausting. I have a nice group of kids this year. My student teacher has been a good help, and I am really going to start getting her into teaching since I don't know how much longer I will last. I feel like I might be catching a cold, so hopefully it will past quickly or maybe it is just allergies. I have parent night this week, so if I make it to the weekend I will consider myself doing well!

So, that is what is going on with our little family. We will keep you posted if this baby does decide to make an early entrance!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to work

Yep, I am officially back at work. This week was a teacher week because the kids don't start until Monday. The week consisted of putting up bulletin boards, putting away all the books and other teacher stuff I have (since I moved classrooms this year), going through print shop orders, moving desks, checking if computers work, going over first day plans with my student teacher (who I think will be great), making schedules, putting text books out, getting names on desks, organizing materials, ordering more materials (since we are adding a 3rd classroom), meetings, meetings, and more meetings. It was a full week, and boy am I tired. I have been lounging around the house all summer and getting back into being on my feet all day (especially at 8 months pregnant) has been exhausting - but good too. The kids start on Monday, and I think we are ready. I am looking forward to being a classroom teacher from being a specialist last year. The doctor has given me 3 weeks to work, and then will see how I am doing with my preterm labor and all. If I keep where I am, he will let me keep working, but if he notices any changes in my cervix then it might be back to bedrest or maybe half days or something. I called my sub just to touch base, and let her know that even though my due date is October 10th, that we may be needing her sooner than that. I am a little nervous about having to be out of work too early. When I went out early with William, I was put on medical leave, and then once he was born I was put on FMLA leave. This time, however, I don't think that would be the case. I have a feeling they would start me on FMLA right away. I only get 12 weeks of FMLA leave, so if I am out 6 weeks before the baby is born then I only get 6 weeks after the baby is born. I don't think I would be ready by then. Of course, some companies only give 6 weeks of leave, so I am lucky that I get 12 weeks, but I really want to have all 12 after the baby is born. So, hopefully, the doctor will at least let me work half days or something. As for my pregnancy, everything is going fine. I am feeling very full of baby. He is very high up and loves to kick the ribs. I am feeling his hiccups - which is really neat but kinda annoying too. It feels kinda like a little twitch. At one of my meetings, I kinda jumped with a really strong kick and the teacher next to me said, "Holy cow!! I saw that!! Your whole belly moved!!" Yep, he is a strong kicker. I am so excited to meet him. I am getting more nervous about the whole labor/delivery coming up. You think that since I did it once already and kinda know what to expect, that I wouldn't be as nervous. But, that is not the case. Oh well, as long as the baby gets here nice and healthy, that is all that matters!

Things around our house have been good. Nothing too exciting lately. William has had some issues getting back into daycare this week, but by the 3rd day he was doing better and not crying and clinging to me when I left for work. I am hoping next week will continue to be ok.

Here is a 32 week belly picture...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeling better!

I have some good news to share! We are getting our mold problem taken care of tomorrow! I ended up calling a mold professional just to see how bad the problem was and to get a quote on the clean up. The good news was that the mold guy said that it wasn't too bad and that the clean-up wasn't too expensive either! Yea!! Benjamin did have to empty out the rooms effected (which he is doing as I type) and they will be here at 9:30am tomorrow to get cleaning! I am so relieved. As for other happenings in the family, nothing much to report. William is doing great. His favorite words are "why" and "do it myself". He is getting very good at putting on his own socks and shoes (even though some times the shoes end up on the wrong foot). He is getting so grown up that sometimes I just can't believe it. Benjamin is going good too. He is taking good care of William and me. As for me, just enjoying my last week off. I go back to work next week. Thank goodness for the help of family because everyone is going to move me into my new classroom on Friday. Thanks guys for the help! I will be at the same school; just moving classrooms. Some great news to share is my cousin gave birth to her new daughter yesterday! Congrats Julia! Alivia is such a cutie! It makes me really excited to meet my little guy. I'm feeling ok (same complaints as my previous post) but I think once I get back to school, I'll have something else to focus my attention. I have a dr's appointment on the 17th, and I think I then start going to appointments every 2 weeks! The end is in sight, and I am a tad but nervous.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm so upset!!

Oh man, I am so sad! We found more mold in our house! THIS SUCKS!!!! When we first moved in, we had the air ducts cleaned, and they found mold! That pissed me off because I thought the home inspector should have found it in the air ducts - you know what I mean! So anyway, we got that treated and thought we were done. Well, then we put a dog door in and found mold under our paneling. Great! Benjamin tore out the drywall, replaced it, and cloroxed the wall. We thought we were in the clear - again. Now, today Benjamin was in the basement trying to get a home office set up since his job site is moving that every employee MUST work from home one day a week, and guess what he found! MORE MOLD!!! I am sooooo ready to rid my hands of this damn house! We haven't even lived here a year. If we were to sell, we would lose soooo much money. We just got a second mortgage to help pay for my maternity leave, so we have 0 equity. Of course, we got the 2nd before we know about all this mold! Plus, I DO NOT want to have a house on the market with a newborn and a 2 year old. (Not to mention the housing market right now) Life will be hard enough without adding trying to keep a house clean enough for showings! We have no money to hire a professional to take care of the mold (and who knows how much it would cost anyway!) because we are saving every penny for my maternity leave. It is going to be all up to Benjamin to fix because I am no help being 8 months pregnant! I don't want my family to get sick because we have a house full of mold! I don't want to bring my newborn home to mold!! And who knows where else it is hiding!!! I just want to cry with frustration.