Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeling better!

I have some good news to share! We are getting our mold problem taken care of tomorrow! I ended up calling a mold professional just to see how bad the problem was and to get a quote on the clean up. The good news was that the mold guy said that it wasn't too bad and that the clean-up wasn't too expensive either! Yea!! Benjamin did have to empty out the rooms effected (which he is doing as I type) and they will be here at 9:30am tomorrow to get cleaning! I am so relieved. As for other happenings in the family, nothing much to report. William is doing great. His favorite words are "why" and "do it myself". He is getting very good at putting on his own socks and shoes (even though some times the shoes end up on the wrong foot). He is getting so grown up that sometimes I just can't believe it. Benjamin is going good too. He is taking good care of William and me. As for me, just enjoying my last week off. I go back to work next week. Thank goodness for the help of family because everyone is going to move me into my new classroom on Friday. Thanks guys for the help! I will be at the same school; just moving classrooms. Some great news to share is my cousin gave birth to her new daughter yesterday! Congrats Julia! Alivia is such a cutie! It makes me really excited to meet my little guy. I'm feeling ok (same complaints as my previous post) but I think once I get back to school, I'll have something else to focus my attention. I have a dr's appointment on the 17th, and I think I then start going to appointments every 2 weeks! The end is in sight, and I am a tad but nervous.

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