Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Cry Baby!





And the sad part is Benjamin and I did this to the poor baby! William was kinda cranky yesterday anyway, but when Benjamin was making a weird sound he started to cry. So, what did Mommy and Daddy do? Go grab the camera and did it again! Oh man are we bad parents or what??
As for our household...

Well, I finally got around to updating our Blog. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Everyone has been sick (again). It started off with the baby, and progressed to my Mom, me, Benjamin, and my Dad. We are almost back to normal and the baby is finally back on solid food and getting his appitite back. He is doing really well. I can't believe he will be 8 months old next week. I am really looking forward to Halloween. My mom is going to bring William to my school for our party so my class can meet him. We got him a Darth Vader costume and he is going to look precious! I got a great Strawberry Shortcake costume. I've never really been into to dark side of Halloween, but I do love to dress up in costumes!
Benjamin is doing well. Right now he isn't home. They've had some server problems at his work so he has been working some major overtime. I've been doing fine. I got through parent/teacher conferences and if I make it through Monday I will have made it past my evaluation. I didn't have an evaluation last year because the day I had my eval scheduled last year was the day I started having pre-term labor and never went back to school! My class is really good this year and if I can get past all the politics and junk going on with administration I will have a good year. On a sad note, Dusty (our cocker spaniel) is not doing well. We took her in for some dental work and to have a growth removed, and her recovery isn't going well. The dr suspects that she has some sort of blood disorder that we didn't know about and she hasn't stopped bleeding. The dr said it is very serious, so I am really worried that this may be the beginning of the end. We go back to the vet tomorrow, so keep us in your prayers!

William's First Hair Cut!

William did really well with his first hair cut! His hair wasn't too long, but need a little trim. He sat like a big boy and only got a little upset when he had to put his head down to get the bottom. Now he looks like such a big boy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our Little Bronco!

WHAT? 41 to 3??? Bummer!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Someone is 7 months old!!

You guessed it! William turned 7 months old yesterday and he is doing really well.

He is really enjoying his food. We have given him rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He has liked it all!! It is hard to choose one as his favorite. We will start giving him fruits next. Our pediatrician suggested we start with the vegetables first and then move on to the sweeter fruits. I have a feeling he will like those too! This baby is one very UNfussy kid! I'm not sure how we got so lucky!! Grandma loves to feed him!

Not only is he doing well with his food, but this kid is really getting mobile. He is rolling all over the place!! If you put him on the floor on his back, 2 seconds later he will have already flipped to his tummy. The other day we had him on the floor, and he managed to roll himself over to the coffee table to get the basket of remote controls - one of his favorite toys!!! Looks like we need to start baby proofing! When he is on his tummy his legs go back and forth, but his arms are still kinda stationary. He might be doing an army crawl soon, but I still think he might be a month or 2 away from hands and knees crawling. He sits up very well now too. He is even walking forward in his walker. Of course, I haven't seen it, but it was reported to me by his grandparents! Still no teeth yet. I am thinking they should be showing up soon, but nothing yet. Not even a little bump on his gums. He sure is growing and developing. I love to watch his progress.

Last weekend was my cousin's wedding, and here is a picture of us at the dinner...

Here are a couple more pictures. They are of bath time. Look closely at his Mohawk!

And, one video of that infectious giggle!!