Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scored BIG at Target today!!

We scored big at Target today! One of the message boards that I frequent had lots of posts about a web coupon for Gerber Foods at Target. The coupon was $1.00 off of 2 items. Well, considering that the little jars were originally $0.52 a piece, with the coupon all the little jars were $0.04 for 2! The bigger jars were $0.69 a piece so those were only $0.38 for 2 with the coupons, and the double plastic container foods were $0.88 a piece, so with the coupon only $0.76 for 2! We got $1.00 off the cereal too! Even though William is not starting solids until he is 6 months, we couldn't pass up the deal! We got all the food here for only $34.00!!! I may go back for some of the small jars that are only $0.04 even though there wasn't much of a selection on those. The great part is that these all don't expire until like 08' or 09'! I love it when we get a good deal!

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The Parsons Family said...

I have randomly stumbled across your blog, and your adorable son is just 20 days older than my son! I was curious about your coupons that you used today...I have found the coupon online, were you able to take your whole cart and stack of coupons to the check out or did you have to go through multiple times? I am very excited to print these coupons and make a big trip to Target..thanks for the tip!!