Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Scary Evening in the ER!!!

Yep, we spent part of last night in the ER with William. About 6:15 pm last night, William and I were at home just playing on the floor. We were practicing rolling over (he hasn't rolled over since he did it at Mom and Dad's house on Sunday) and doing some tummy time when it looked like he was spitting up. That is a pretty normal thing for him and really any baby, and when I picked him up to wipe his mouth, I could see that is was coming out of his nose. And then, William basically started to choke on it!!! It was HORRIBLE! He was choking, crying, trying to get his breath, choking some more - I started to panic a little. I figured he would kinda work it out by himself, but he just couldn't get his breath! I got his little booger sucker thing and tried to suction out his nose and mouth, but it just didn't seem to help! So, I toyed with calling 911 and figured it would take them too long to get there, so I ended up calling Mom and Dad. In a blink of an eye they were at the house and we sped off to the hospital while I was on the phone calling Benjamin (who was still at work). By now, William was doing better but was almost sneezing nonstop. When we got there, the nurses took his oxygen count, and it was at 93 (whatever that means, I think it should be about 100). They took our name and we waited to be called back. A full 45 minutes pass while we wait! It was agonizing! Benjamin made it to the hospital before we went back to get a room. Luckily, William was doing better and better, and at that point I figured he was pretty much ok. I was a little worried that he had aspirated it into his lungs and that can be a risk for pneumonia. We got into the room, and of course got to wait even longer for the dr to see us. When the dr came in, he gave William a good look through and said that his lungs were clear (thank goodness) and that he probably just choked on his spit up. We were released at about 8:30pm and by then William was doing very well. By the time we got home, he was smiling and his little red face and eyes were back to normal color. He ate his last bottle like a champ and went down to sleep with no problems. Of course, I kept going in and checking on him to make sure he was breathing!! This morning, he is back to himself and seems to be fine. I am going to make a follow up appointment with our pediatrician to make sure William's lungs are still ok. But, I can tell ya, IT WAS SCARY!!! The look on Williams face saying, "Help Mommy, I am scared and can't breathe!" is a face I won't forget! This parenting thing is a lot harder than you think sometimes!! Thank goodness someone was looking on us from up above!!!

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Spunky Toes said...

That made me nervous just reading it! I'm so glad he is doing better. You are an awesome mom and did the right thing!