Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning sickness is not my friend

Ugh! TGIF! I don't know if I have needed a weekend more than I needed this one. I have still been struggling with morning sickness. Thank goodness I haven't been puking, but the all day nauseousness is just really bringing me down. Sorry, I am kinda whiny today. Not only have I been dealing with the morning (or should I say "every waking moment") sickness, but I still have my cold. Oh, and of course this week at school was CSAP! (The state testing). Well, I guess the good thing about the m/s is that having m/s is a good sign that the baby is ok. I just keep telling myself that it is worth it!!
However, on a good note, William's appointment went very well. He is in the 25% for height and weight. The dr said he was very healthy, but he is a little behind in his speech. So, we have a number of a speech therapist, and I'll give him a call next week. Other than that, everything went great!!

Oh, and here is the size of the baby at 9 weeks (which I will be tomorrow). A green olive!

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