Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to meet "Lucy"

Here is our new puppy Lucy. She is a 15 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have been wanting a new puppy for a while and was a little shy with what happened with Muttley. (See previous post back in June.) I am hoping that William and Lucy grow up to be best friends. So far he isn't too sure about Lucy. He laughs when she licks him but is afraid when she goes up to him. I think in they will get used to each other soon. So far, Lucy is a very good puppy. She is such a cuddler. She likes to be on our laps instead of playing. In fact, she is on my lap as I type this post! So far, I am thinking she is a good fit. I have had puppies a couple times before and had given them back to the breeder withing a day or too, but I think that was because it was when I had Dusty and she didn't get along with other dogs at all. Last night Lucy did very well in her kennel and only cried a little bit. With a little soothing from me, she went to sleep. She only woke us up once to go out to go potty, and she did what she needed to do. Here are a few pictures. After over a year of being dogless, we have a dog again!! YEA!!

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