Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling down today

I thought I had been doing better about things, but today I am just feeling down. I feel like crying, and I am just so tired of crying. I realize it has only been 10 days since I found out I miscarried and only a week since my D&C, but I guess I thought I'd be handling things better than I am. I have used all my sick days for the school year between missing days for the D&C, dr's appointments, and my 3 days off when I had strep throat. I really would like to take a mental day tomorrow, but it will cost me $250! We can't afford that. It is hard to teach when I am so sad. Some of my students asked what was wrong, and I told them I just wasn't feeling well. I don't want to be sad anymore.


SpunkyToes said...

HUGE hugs. Hang in there.

birdeeb said...

I miscarried last February & it sucked! I didn't get the D & C because my miscarriage started naturally & the hospital told me that I should just go with the natural! It was like going through 24 hours of labor & nothing to show for it! I have a blog on my miscarriage, but it's a bit graphic haha ;o) I knew it wasn't the right time for us & so I have been ok mentally. But it's hard if you are trying to have a baby :o( Hope you are doing well!