Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

I found out today that my D&C will be tomorrow instead of Friday. I think I am kinda glad to just get it done, but now I have to take 2 more days off of work. I have missed so much work that I am going to be out of days! That means I have had 12 days off since September! I hope I will be nice and healthy the rest of the year and won't have to miss anymore! I spent the afternoon at the hospital getting all the pre-admitting stuff done. I'm glad Benjamin came with me. We checked-in, got some lab work done, talked to the nurse who gave me all the instructions, met with an anesthesiologist, and then went over to my OB's office. She talked to me about the procedure, all the things that could happen (oh, that makes me feel good!) and had me sign a consent form. My surgery is going to be about 9:30 am and I have to be there 2 hours early. I can't eat after midnight and no drinking water after 3am. I am so nervous! I guess everyone who is going to have surgery gets nervous. I will be glad to get it all over with tomorrow! The OB said she would give me a whole 2 weeks off work if I wanted it. If I had the days I'd take it, but oh well. That would just give me lots of time to think of things and get even sadder. At least I can get back to normal life soon!

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