Saturday, September 5, 2009

35 and 35

What the heck does 35 and 35 mean? Well, it means that today I am 35 weeks along and only have 35 days until my due date! Isn't that just amazing??? How did I get here so fast? It has been an interesting week. After our fiasco last weekend, I started to get sick Sunday. Just felt yucky, like I was getting a cold. And of course, I did. I took a couple days off of work (Mon and Tues) but try to stick things out on Wednesday, because I had an all-day training and open house that evening. I made it through all of that, and then on Thursday I had taken a personal day off of work. We took William to his first State Fair. It was fun, but I was kinda a party pooper because it was so hot, I still wasn't feeling well, and walking around for hours is kinda hard when you are almost 9 months pg! We did have fun, and it looked like William had a blast!! All was well, except that this little cold was still hanging around and by now I have a terrible cough. So, I get up Friday morning to get ready to go to work and notice I am having contractions every time I cough. Not good. So I call off of work again (now, this makes me gone the entire week - cuz even though I went on Wednesday I was still out of the building at a training). I felt really bad that I have missed an entire week of school and thinking about my poor students that have had 4 different subs in 5 days! I call the nures hoping they would just have me come in to be checked, but I found out the doctor was at the hospital in surgery. So, the nurse sent me back to the hospital. They were BUSY yesterday! There were no rooms on L&D, so I ended up being on the OB floor having to share a room. Bummer! They hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough every time I coughed I got a contraction. However, once I was laying down, the contractions lessened even though I was still coughing. The laying down really helped. However, they wouldn't let me go until they got a nice read on the baby's heart beat. And with all my coughing, everything I coughed the monitor would lose signal. It was so annoying! I tried my best not to cough, but ya, like you can do that when you are coughing up a lung! I asked the nurse if she could raise my bed a little so I wasn't laying down so much, and that did help. Finally, they got a good enough reading that they let me go (4 hours later!!). Even though my doc was in surgery, his associate came to check me out, and wrote me a note to be out of work until Thursday of next week. This way I can full recover from this terrible Upper respritory thing I've got going on. I have an appointment with my OB on Wendesday and I will be talking to him about taking me out of work until the baby comes. I'm tired of spending days in the hospital that I think I wouldn't need to go if I was resting at home. I guess we will see what he says then. So, even with all this craziness of hospital visits and sickness, the baby is hanging in there and things are ok at our house. Thanks for all those keeping up with this craziness on Facebook.

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