Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow, full term!!

I can't believe it. I am now 37 weeks and officially considered full term. Even though my due date is still 3 weeks away, once you hit 37 weeks, you are considered full term. If the baby comes the lungs should be fully developed and should be just fine. I am so excited since we had so many issues with the preterm labor. I am getting kinda antsy for the baby to get here though. I bet all pregnant women feel like this when they get so close to the end. I just can't wait to see him, meet him, hold him, kiss him, and everything a new mommy wants to do! I am still working. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and I am going to ask him if Friday the 25th can be my last day. (The 25th is also our 5th Anniversary!) I can make it through the day at school fine, but when I get home I am pretty much no use to anyone - my husband, my son, even my dog! I sit on the couch and watch the clock waiting for it to be time to go to bed. I just get tired very easily. I'm doing ok other wise. I'm getting kinda uncomfortable, but really not too bad. I've been having some contractions here and there, but nothing that is really timeable or strong. It will be interesting to see if I have made any progress when I go in on Wednesday. We will also be having an ultrasound that day. We are planning on taking William. It will be the first time he has been to an OB appointment or an ultrasound. I wonder what he will think! He knows there is a baby in my tummy, but I wonder what he really knows. So, I guess it is now just a waiting game. I do have a bag packed just in case.

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