Saturday, November 15, 2008

Upset with Sears Portraits!

Today we went to Sears to get our Christmas photo. We have had great experiences there, until today that is. It started off that they were behind. Their first appointment is a 10am and our appointment was at 10:30am, and we had to wait 45 minutes with a 20 month old!! How in the heck could they be 45 minutes behind so early? So, we kind stroll around the store a bit until they are ready for us. When I made the appointment, I knew it was close to William's nap time, but I figured it would be ok, but I didn't factor in a 45 minute wait. William was getting fussier and fussier. It was so fun! Ok, we finally get in and start the session. The girl was very nice, but seemed inexperienced. The whole session only took 10 minutes. Nothing creative, but at least William was his happy self, and she got him to smile. We leave and let William play in the mall play area while they get the photos ready for us to see. When we got there, they were even more behind because one of their cameras went out, so there were people everywhere. There was no associate to go over the pictures with us. One said, "Go through the pictures with the arrow keys and let me know when you are ready" and then worked on someone else's order. Um, ok. When we started looking through the the pictures, I was SO disappointed. There were only 3 of the family, and one I had a stupid look, one William wasn't looking at the camera, and the last one Benjamin was WAY taller than I was - well, he is in real life, but she should have had me stand on a block or something. There were 2 good ones of William, but that is it! Only 9 total shots; 7 crappy ones and 2 cute ones. We all got new outfits that probably cost us $150. What a waste of time and money getting the new outfits! Why did I spend all morning ironing Benjamin's shirt and going to the mall Thursday getting me a new outfit when the ones with us in it were terrible? I wanted to have a picture of all "4" of us and say something cute in the Christmas card about the new baby, but we ended up just getting wallets of William to stick in our Christmas card. I am so upset! I am on the verge of tears. I guess I could just be hormonal! We spent $60 and settled for something I didn't even want. This stinks!! On the bright side, the picture we ordered of William is really cute. I just want to cry!!

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