Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A sad day for our house. :-(

We had to put our wonderful cat, Zarbie, to sleep today. He wasn't eating his food, was hiding downstairs, and wasn't even sleeping with us at night. So, Benjamin took Zarbie to the vet and the vet said that Zarbie had FIP. Those of you who don't know what FIP is (I didn't know at all), it is a terrible infectious disease that cats get (not dogs). We have absolutely no idea how he got it since the only way you can get it is from other cats, and Zarbie has never been around any cats since we got him in 05'. He never went outside, ever! He must have gotten it before we even got him, and it stayed dormant until now. It was a hard decision, but there is no cure for FIP and it is a horrible death. The poor kitty was already showing signs of going down hill and there was no sense to make the poor little guy suffer. What really hurts is how much William will miss him. I am glad William is so young that he really won't remember, but he loved that cat. His first word was "cat". He will be greatly missed. Here is a picture I took about a month ago when he was still ok.

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