Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wonderful, Fantastic News!!!!

We sold our house!!!

I can't believe it! We have finally sold our house. We had a second showing on Friday and an offer Saturday. We signed the offer and now just wait while they do the appraisal, inspection, and all the other stuff. We are closing on Aug 22nd. WOW, that is coming fast. What I can't believe is the timing. Since we hadn't sold and my last paycheck is the last week in August, we were starting to get nervous about having a house and no money to pay the mortgage. So, we decided that I would go back to work, keep the house on the market until it sold, and hopefully I'd stay home next year. Guess we don't have to do that now! I had a job interview Thursday and didn't get the job. I was pretty upset I didn't get the job, but now look what happened! If I had gotten the job, then things would have been really complicated! I have another job interview tomorrow, but I will call HR in the morning and tell them I am pulling my application. So, the next few weeks are going to be packing and moving. We are going to move in with my mom and dad until we figure out what kind of home we can afford just on Benjamin's salary. Oh my goodness! This is all so exciting. I get to be a stay at home mom! YEA!!

William is doing great. He has been working on getting a couple more teeth and they are just starting to poke through. I've felt bad for the little guy. He's been really cranky and I know it is from the teeth. Benjamin's mom and dad came for a visit and here are some pictures of their visit.

Just chilling at home...

Lunch at the GoldDust...

William with both sets of grandparents!

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Laura said...

What great news! I was praying that you guys would be able to sell so that you could stay home. I love staying home with my kids... wouldn't have it any other way since we can swing it financially.