Sunday, August 17, 2008

All moved!

Well, I'd have to say we are all moved in here at Mom and Dad's even though there is still some stuff at the house. Benjamin is over there now trying to tie up the loose ends while I am at Mom and Dad's watching the baby. I think after today we should be about 90% done and only have to do some cleaning. I found a home for our fish. They are actually going to my school. That move is happening on Monday, so then we can get rid of the fish tank. Things are going pretty smoothly here. Benjamin and I are getting settled and the baby seems to have made the adjustment easily. It will be nice to be out of our old house for good and concentrate our energy here getting even more settled. William is doing great. I just took him to get next shoes and he wears a size 6! He has gone up a shoe size in 2 months. He next dr's appointment is Sept 5 (I think) and it will be fun to see how much he has grown. I weighed him a few days ago and he is 24 pounds. He is starting to say more. He is growing so fast! Here are a couple pictures of a quick trip to an arcade. They were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't as good.

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