Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

We had a very nice Easter even though it snowed! Not much Easter Egg hunting in the snow, but it made for a beautiful morning. We started off the day with an Easter Breakfast at church. The puppets did a little skit and boy did William enjoy it! Then we came back home for about an hour and went back to church for worship services. It was a very moving service with 5 baptisms! It reminded me of my own baptism on Easter when I was 19 years old and of William's. After church, we went back home for a quick lunch and then over the Grandma and Grandpa's for Easter dinner. It was a very nice day, and William was sure a good boy. When we went home for lunch, William was feeling a little warm, and he ended up having a 100.4 temperature. I suspect another ear infection. Good thing we have a dr's appointment tomorrow with the ENT and with Parkview to do admit paperwork for his ear tube surgery Tuesday. Even with his fever he was a very good boy (like he always is) and did a lot of showing off for the family. Here are a few pics from today (and from a year ago to see how much he has grown)!

Then (2007)

Now (2008)

Then (2007)

Now (2008)

Sitting in Great-Grandpa's Chair!!

Coloring Easter Eggs yesterday!


Steve Ballmer said...

Adoro suas fotos, bom blog!

Bonnie said...

He's precious!