Sunday, January 20, 2008

A good week for William

Hi everyone! I hope the new year has been going well for you. Well, like you read, this has been a good week for my Little William. He is now pulling up, got his first tooth, and doing "tricks" like Patty Cake, say, "No,no,no" and now when asked, "How big is William" you reply, "Soooo, big" and he raises his hands in the air. He is so cute! I am also enjoying watching him play with his toys. He now knows how to punch buttons to turn toys on, or like one toy, press the red top to make it spin. Today, he was playing with some balls from another toy. He was knocking them all around the house and then going to get them. It was like he was playing his own game of fetch! I wish I would have gotten that on video, but our camera is on the fritz! Waaa. He did have another visit with the Dr about another ear infection, and the dr said there was no infection, but still fluid behind the ear. My poor boy! We have a follow-up appointment with the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) dr on Feb 18th, so I guess we wait and see for tubes. As for me, well, I myself have had a very tough week. It started last Monday when I started with a high fever. I stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday, and of course it was conference week, so I had to reschedule those conferences. Even though I still wasn't feeling well, I managed to get back to school Thursday and Friday, and made up quite a few conferences. I only have a couple more to do, and I have scheduled them for next week after school. I do have to say I am feeling better, but definitely not 100% yet. I have Monday off this week for Martin Luther Day, so hopefully that will be just what I need. Also, Saturday was my birthday! Happy Birthday to me. I have to say it wasn't much fun since I was feeling so yucky, but it was still nice. Ok, I'll admit my age (some of you might be wondering!!) - 34. Yikes! But, it has been a pretty amazing year from 33 to 34! After having William, I now believe that the Moms should be recognized for their child's b-day. That was HARD WORK! hehehe (But worth every bit of pain and sickness). Benjamin will be going out of town in Feb, and I am really going to miss him. He is such a wonderful help with the baby, especially since I've been sick. He is the champ or getting up at the early wake-ups for Binky replacements!

Here is a picture of him pulling up!

Here is his first tooth!!

Here is a picture of him cuddling with Daddy!

In his "Big Boy" carseat!

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