Saturday, February 9, 2008

William is 11 months old!

I know I have said it before, but boy does time fly. My little boy is 11 months old. I can't believe in less than a month he will turn 1. A whole year! It feels me with a full range of emotion; from excitement to sadness. He is doing pretty well. Unfortunately, he has his 6th ear infection, but the medicine seems to be working really well other than giving him a case of diarrhea. He only has 4 more days of the antibiotic so hopefully he will start feeling better soon. I am now almost positive that the ENT Dr will say he needs tubes. Our appointment is Feb 18, so I will keep you posted. William now has 2 teeth!!! The other tooth pooped out right about the same time as the ear infection, so William was super cranky! But, now that his ear is a little better and the tooth has come through, he is acting more like his little self and even his appetite is back. He is pulling up on everything and getting into everything too! We have had to move our coffee table out of the living room now because he likes to crawl under it and bump his head. We have also placed safety locks on all the cabinets. This child wants what he wants when he wants it! Is it possible to have the terrible twos at 11 months old? He really is learning and growing so much that it is amazing.
Benjamin and I are doing well. Benjamin just got back from a week in Florida for work. He worked his tail off and boy are we glad he is home. We missed him big time! Mom came over to help we with the baby while Benjamin was gone, which was greatly appreciated since the baby was sick. It is hard to deal with a sick baby, especially if you are alone. THANKS MOM!! As for me, I'm just keeping on with teaching. My class is pretty good this year, but the dreaded state test CSAP is coming next month. It is a stressful time, so I am counting the days until spring break when I get a week off and have the CSAP behind me. I'm still not sure what the future has in store for me as a teacher. I am thinking about moving schools and some other options (maybe teaching online) but I have a few months before a decision needs to be made. Even if I decided on what I want to do, I'm sure I would change my mind 100 times!

Here are a couple pictures...

Here are a couple of videos I took last week.

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