Thursday, July 7, 2011

How can it be July?

I don't know how time speeds up the older you are, but right now, time is flying by. Some things to catch you up.

He is doing great. He is walking better, talking a lot, and is getting at the really cute stage. He has officially been staffed out out of his early intervention program because he is on level! YEA! We are finally done with physical therapy!! He is showing that he does have his Mommy's personality, which means he is a bit of a drama queen! He loves his big brother, wants to do everything his big brother does, and his big brother is ok with it - most of the time. His favorite food is spaghetti, favorite drink is chocolate milk, loves his 3 blankets (his "poppies"), is totally addicted to his binky and is a CRAZY Blue's Clues fan.

Getting so grown up. Needing his Mommy less and less is breaking my heart, but part of life. He is now in a booster seat - not a car seat. He can get himself in and out of the car by himself, can brush his teeth my himself and does a great job, and HATES it when I try to help him do something he wants to do. He did an amazing job in the 3 year old preschool program, and will move from the school I work at to the school he will be going to for kindergarten. We figured that we would try to get him to know some of the kids he will be going to school with. It will be sad for the both of us not having him at my school, but I really think it is for the best.

SKINNY! Has lost 36 pounds and is looking fantastic. He is still working in the IT department and has had an amazing review. I was super, duper proud of him. He is still trying to get his mustang going, and will be having some body work done on it in the next month or so.

Got a new job for next year. I am going to be the media specialist at my school. Our media specialist moved to another school, so that opened up at position at my school. I interviewed for it, and found out Tuesday afternoon that I go the position. Nothing else that exciting going on for me.

Here are a few pics of the last couple months...

Benjamin and I went to Vegas for a conference for me. We stayed at Caesars Palace and got upgraded to a suite! It was great!

Benjamin and William at William's field trip to the park.

Renaissance Festival June 2011

Mikey liked the Renaissance Festival too!

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