Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the mend!

Thank goodness, William is getting better! Whew! He hasn't had a fever in a couple days and has even started to eat and drink more. He is definitely getting back to his normal self. So far, the rest of us are feeling good (knock on wood). We have about a week of incubation for the H1N1 that we read on the government web site. So, I am hoping the rest of us stay healthy until Friday, and then maybe we will be out of the woods.

Things are going fine on the new baby front. Michael is a really good baby. The nights are kinda tough as he barely is going 3 hours between feedings at night, and sometimes after a feeding it takes a good 1/2 hour to get him back to sleep. He is starting to eat a little more and fill out a little. I have to say he still has little skinny chicken legs though! At his 2 week appointment, he weighed 6lbs 12oz, so he has gained back all that he lost (was 6lbs 0oz when we went to the pediatrician when he was 3 days old). He does some smiles in his sleep. It makes me sooo ready for that first smile he will do in response to me. William is showing a few jealousy issues, but then again he wasn't feeling all that well from the flu, so I think that added to it. He wasn't too happy to see his PaPa holding the baby the other day, but he likes to watch me change Mikey's diaper. He always lets me know when the baby is crying. It is nice to see them together, and I just think of the future when they can play together and get to be best friends.

My recovery is going well. I'm feeling pretty good only being 2 1/2 weeks after giving birth! I have been having some emotional highs and lows, and I feel sorry for Benjamin and the rest of my family to have to deal with me, but that is what happens when hormones try to regulate. I am hoping to level off soon, and have noticed things are a little better now that I am not as worried about William and H1N1. (That really had me worried for my boys!!) I have to admit that I am LOVING not being pregnant anymore. Don't get me wrong. Being pregnant was amazing and an experience I will treasure for all my life. However, there are still things in pregnancy that are no fun at all. I am loving that I can bend over, I can sleep on my tummy, I no longer have horrific heartburn, and am not so tired all the time. I'm tired from lack of sleep, but it isn't the same kind of tired I felt when I was pregnant. I am feeling almost back to my normal self which is great! Remember, I was pregnant back on October of last year, and then lost the baby in December, and I was pregnant again in January. It was like I was pregnant for an entire year, not just 9 months. It has been a long year, and it is nice to be feeling like me again!

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