Friday, May 15, 2009

Repeated the amnio today

Well, today I had a repeat amnio done. We met with a genetic counselor first to go over what happened with our first amnio and go over again what our risks are for having a baby with Down Syndrome. The counselor was very nice, and showed us some blood levels that were off to give us the higher odds for Downs. We asked about the "markers" that show up on an ultrasound, and if no markers were to show up if that would make a difference. She said that even if there were no markers, there would still be a 50% chance of a DS baby. So, even though our ultrasound showed no problems, we decided to go ahead and do another amnio. This time they had got more fluid and it wasn't as painful. So another 2 weeks of waiting. The dr did said that they have NEVER had a repeat amnio come back bad, so I am hoping to get some results this time. Continued prayers would be appreciated. Thanks all!!

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