Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not much going on here

We were busy with our poor sick child (who is feeling better even though he has a runny nose today). Then, it was my birthday. And now? Just living life. Benjamin has been working hard this week. They are putting in a new phone system, so he has worked a 50 hour week as well as going to school on-line for 2 classes, plus he has to work this weekend. I feel bad for him to work so hard, but hopefully he can get some extra days off next week. As for me, nothing too exciting. My principal talked to me, and it looks like I'll be teaching back in the regular classroom instead of being a resource teacher next year. I am very much looking forward to getting back in the classroom. Right now it looks like I'll be teaching 3rd. I might teach 4th, but either one will be fine. I also will probably have a student teacher next fall, which is exciting. It will be my 10th year teaching next fall, so I think I am ready to "pay it forward". Other than that, nothing too exciting. Just remember that William's 2nd birthday is coming up soon. March 5th!!! We will probably have is party on Feb 28th since that is the Saturday my Dad has off. So, mark your calendars for a little boy's party.

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