Thursday, January 15, 2009

My poor baby!

I admit. My Blogging is not what it should be. I follow a lot of Blogs where something gets written almost everyday and here I am barely making it once a week. However, I do have a good excuse. My poor baby has been sick. He started with a fever Monday night. Nothing too high, so we figured another tooth would be poppin through. However, Tuesday he still had his temp and it was rising. Benjamin stayed home from work with him and his temp continued to climb. He called the pedi and they said to give him a lukewarm bath and if it continued to call back Friday! I think from Tues-Fri is too long, but I I'm not a nurse or a doctor. Anyway, by Tuesday night, it had climbed to 103, so I called the emergency line. The nurse said I wasn't giving him enough Motrin, to give him some more, and if his temp got higher than 104 to go to the ER. Well, about an hour later, it was 103.9 - close enough for me - so we decided to take him to Urgent Care. We figured it would be quicker than the ER and if he needed to go to the ER they would tell us anyway. We get there, get right back with the Dr, and the Dr sucked! Looked in his ears, said he wasn't sure, and proscribed antibiotics. Um, ok, that was worth the trip. We go back home, put William to bed, and hope for the best. Wednesday morning he was back to normal, but I decided to stay home with him just in case. I was glad, because his temp came back. Back to 103. It was up and down all day. It started to go down, so I went ahead and took him with me to my hair appointment. He even got his hair cut while we were there. He did really well, and hardly cried. Anyway, while we were there, his temp went back up to 103 (glad my hair dresser is also an LPN). She looked over him and told us to have him seen Thursday. He had a rough night waking up at 2am with a temp of 102. We put him to bed with us, and this morning was back to normal temp. However, after what happened yesterday I decided to stay home again (good-bye days off - I took my last one for the year today, Oh well, my baby is more important than work). His temp had been normal, but he hasn't eaten a think in 3 days. He is napping now, and I'll check his temp again once he gets up. He has an appointment at 2pm, so hopefully this dr (our reg dr isn't in the office today, so we will see the other dr in the office) will do a better job looking him over. I am so tired. I haven't slept in a week. I myself was under the weather last weekend and haven't slept much. Since William is napping, I might try to get in a nap myself. I hope we can get some answers today. I feel sorry for my little guy. He's been so lethargic and not himself it is sad. I'll try to post after we see the Dr this afternoon. Hopefully, his temp will stay down after his nap.

Look at Lucy cuddling with our sick child. Awwwww. What a sweet puppy!
P.S. William wanted to be on the floor instead of the couch. Whatever made him happy!

We went to the Dr and she said she thinks it is Roseola. He has been acting pretty well this evening; playing and acting more like himself. If he gets a rash tomorrow or the next day, then it is for sure Roseola. The rash comes after the fever breaks. It could also just be a random virus. At least I think he is feeling better. He even ate a few crackers!


ZaC - 忧郁 - said...

Wish your baby recover soon.
I'm just first time visit to your blog. Quite interested blog.

I do blogging as well. Unfortunately, I only do it with my chinese writing. Quite weak in english writing. Wish to learn something from your blog the day after.

By the way, hope you guys are doing fine there and see ya.

Kristi said...

Hope William is feeling better soon. How miserable for him! That's a sweet picture though!

birdeeb said...

Wow that sounds like it has been a scary week!

mhemrich said...

I hope he is feeling better soon!