Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mommy is sick!

Oh bummer, I'm sick. I knew it probably would happen some time since starting at a new school, but boy has it hit me! I have strep throat! Oh wonderful. I have missed 2 days of school and have to miss another day tomorrow since I haven't been on antibiotics for 24 hours. 3 days in one week! I don't think I have ever missed 3 days for a sickness! Oh well. I just hope I don't share this junk with William and the rest of the family. Waaa. :-(

On the home front, it looks like Benjamin, William, and I have a house. We put in an offer on a house, went back and forth with the sellers (all 4 of them!) and finally have come to an agreement. We've had the inspection, they's agreed to give us money for the fixes, and I think everything is a go! We are sooo excited. If everything stays as is, then we will officially close on Halloween. Yea!!!

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