Sunday, June 1, 2008

I new member of the family!

I can't believe how long it has been since I've Blogged. Hopefully, when school is out I will be able to Blog more. Things have beeing going very well for us. The most exciting thing going on with us is the adoption of our new dog "Mutly". She is a golden retriever / border collie mix. I'd have to say she looks more like a collie, but has some red highlights you can see when she is out in the sun. We got her from the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue on Memorial Day. She has done really well with the transition. She does great with William. She tries to give him lots of doggie kisses and every time he giggles! William calls her "cat", so we keep working on "dog"! hehehe It is really nice to have a 4 legged friend again.

William is great. He is just walking everywhere. Still no new words. He pretty much says "cat" and "ut oh". He has a Dr's appointment next week to check his growth. At his 12 month appointment, he was only like at 10% of height, so hopefully he has gotten a little taller. The pedi said that he was a little concerned with his growth, so I guess we will see what is up. I know his feet are growing. We need to go out and get him some new shoes. I bet we will need to get him a size 5! My little man is getting so big!

Benjamin is doing fine. He has been working 4 - 10hour shifts to be able to watch the baby on Mondays, but he will be going back to a regular 5 day work week when I am out of school. He is looking forward to getting back to that schedule. We can sleep in a hour longer (if the baby lets us) and then he will get home an hour earlier.

As for me, I only have 4 more days of work! WooHoo!!!!!! The end is finally in sight. It is very strange because I will not be back next year, so I am packing everything. I am excited and sad too. When I go back to teaching after being a SAHM, I will not go back to my school (unless my principal leaves - but that is a long story not for this Blog). It is going to be a hard transition for myself. I will be teaching 8 technology classes this summer for teachers. It will be nice to have a class of students who want to be there. I am ready for the end of the school year. Last year I was out of school at the end of January with pre-term labor! I didn't have to deal with the end of school! I have to admit, there won't be much learning (or teaching) this week. It will be a fast week, and then I will finally be an offical Stay At Home Mom! YEA!!!!

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