Monday, June 9, 2008

William's 15 month well-baby visit

William's stats:

Weight: 22lb12oz (25%)
Height: 29 3/4in (between 10% and 25%)
HC: 48cm

It was a good appointment. The pediatrician was concerned at his 12 month appointment because his height had lost curve (only 10%), but he improved with this appointment being a tad higher than 10%! Yea! He told us to make sure to drop the bottle. I told him that William refuses to drink milk from a sippy, but the Dr. said that William is just playing us (so to speak) and that he will take the sippy of milk if he takes the sippy for juice and water - which he does. I love that we can get rid of the bottles, even though it means my little guy is getting so big! The Dr. did say at this stage William should have about 10 words, and he is WAY off of that at only 3. He suggested we get rid of the pacifier and that might help with the language development. Ok, can do that - hopefully. Well, now that I am off of work, if it is a hard transition, at least I don't have to get up for work. He said we could use the paci for bedtime and naps, but to make sure to not let him have it through the day. He also said we should try to make him talk more. I will try, but we have been trying for the past 2 months. William has always been a bit behind in milestones, so hopefully he will be talking up a storm in a couple months. Next appointment 18 months, just for a check-up and no more shots until he is 2! YEA!!!!! Now, that is great news!! Overall, a good appointment. I did forget to ask about potty training, but I figure I'll ask at our 18 month appointment.

As for our dog, things have not been working out with her. She started to get very jealous of William, and getting more and more agressive with him. She also has some terrible seperation anxiety and ripped up the carpet what I was at work. So, we are finding her a new home. I am sad it isn't a good match, but I am sure she will find a better home; one with no children to be jealous.

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