Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me!

And to all the other Mommies out there! It has been a very nice day so far. William was a good boy and slept all night - YEA, I woke to a gift bag from Kay Jewelers (which is always a good sign). Inside was a beautiful Sapphire ring! Then, Ben went out to get us breakfast. It was a wonderful morning. Then, the rest of the day was a regular Sunday consisting of laundry, dishes and taking care of William. We did manage to go out a little for a quick trip to the park.

It is amazing only 14 short months ago, I was not a mother. I had always wanted to be one, but I hadn't yet experienced the fullness and joy of actual motherhood. It is amazing how a woman's perspective changes when she becomes a mother. Now, my needs are second, not first anymore. I wake up thinking of someone other than myself. My heart aches for those women who still struggle with becoming a mother. Even to this day because of our fertility struggles, Mother's Day does kinda put in ache in my heart for all the Mother's Days I was not a mother and desperately trying to become one. I can't believe how incredibly blessed we are that our treatment worked. Everyday my little boy seems to amaze me even more; like the little things, a not-asked-for hug or a smile when I walk into the room. I love being a mom. It is the greatest job I have ever had!

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Sooooooooo cute !