Saturday, May 3, 2008

No More Day-Care!

In previous posts, I have mentioned that I haven't been really happy with our day-care, and finally I have hit my limit. There are several things that I have had issues with, but the last ones were too much: one day they didn't feed him breakfast and the huge one is that the teacher in the morning ignores him. William suffers from separation anxiety, so when I drop him off he always cries. Yes, that is completely normal, and I expect it. It isn't easy for me to hear him cry, but I know since he only goes to day-care one day a week that it is expected. However, not once has the teacher ever tried to console William when I leave. He stands there, just crying his eyes out, without a loving word or hug from the teacher. That was totally unacceptable to me, so I called the day-care to make an appointment to discuss it. The man I talked to, Gus, was such a jerk on the phone. To summarize the conversation, he basically said that William is having separation anxiety since he only goes to day-care once a week (um, yes I know that) and that with so many kids, sometimes they just have to cry if all their physical needs are being met (like not hungry, hurt, wet, etc). Oh, and that they are bending over backwards for us since they take him one day a week and lose money the other 4 since they can't have a full-time position. He wasn't listening to me at all. I just wanted the teacher to pay attention to William and try to comfort him a little when he is upset. The thing that really irked me was at the end of the conversation he told me that he would ask the teacher to be, "more politically correct" with me. WHAT? I could care less about me! I care about my son's emotional needs not just his physical! How could you just let a baby cry without even a caring word? So, I sent a certified letter on Thursday, saying their services were terminated. Mom and Benjamin will take turns taking the next 5 Tuesdays off and then I will be off for summer. I can't take off because I am out of days and when I take off it costs us $230! I am so glad to be done with that stupid day-care (where I, myself, caught hand, foot, mouth disease a few months ago!). Ugh!

William is doing pretty well, other than his sleeping. He went from a really good sleeper, to not so good. Maybe even terrible! He wakes up almost every night about 12am crying, and then we can't get him back to sleep for 2 hours! It really took a toll on me this week. It is almost like it was when we brought him home from the hospital, but then I wasn't working full-time. Last night, he did sleep longer, and I am feeling better, but he needs a lot more nights in a row so Mommy and Daddy can get to feel like humans again! Still no walking yet. His favorite thing to do now is spit out water when he drinks from his sippy. Oh, great fun! ;-) He now has 5 teeth and the 6th one has just popped through the gums a bit today. Summer can't some soon enough. I can't wait until I am officially a stay-at-home-mom!!

Here is a funny picture of William's first taste of pickle. It was taken with my phone, so the quality isn't as good. I don't think he enjoyed it much. What do you think?

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