Saturday, August 18, 2007

Made it through the 1st day of daycare!

Yep. William (and I) made it through the first day of daycare Tuesday. I cried like a fool, feeling very embarrassed, but the teachers there were very nice and did a great job with William. I stuck around for a while to make sure William was ok, and then I left. Before I left, William was on the floor with some other babies and he seemed to really enjoy the company of the others. It was great to see! Anyway, I kept wanting to call during the day to see how he was doing, but I decided he would be fine. It was a long day, but I did get to go shopping and have some time to myself which I really haven't had since William was born. I did go pick him up a little early and he was very happy to see me, and I was very happy to see him too. The teachers said he did great and was a happy baby. Whew! I think each day I take him it will get a little easier, and now that I know that William enjoys being around other babies, it helps a little too!

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