Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bloggin will be slowin down for a while

I'm afraid that my Blogging days are numbered. I went back to work this week and barely had time to check my email let alone Blog. I think that things will only be getting busier since this week was just for teachers and not students. Once the kids start coming next week, things will be getting even busier, so I'm sure I won't be able to Blog as much. I'll try for a post on the weekends, but you all know how busy weekends fill up, so I might be Blogging only once a month. But anyway, here is our update for this week...

William has had a kind of tough week. He hasn't been feeling well. He's been cranky, had a fever for a couple days, waking up several times a night, and not eating well. We figured it was either teething or an ear infection. So, yesterday I took off an hour from work and took him to the doctor. The good news is that his ears were clear. The doctor said that he probably was teething, so I am now on a tooth watch. So far I haven't seen anything, but several times a day I stick in my finger (yes, it's clean!! hehehe) and check for a bump. I'm hoping to see something soon, because I hate to see him feeling yucky and Daddy and Mommy would like things to get back to normal. We were getting very spoiled on sleep since he has been sleeping through the night for a few months now! This morning he seems to be doing better. He doesn't have a fever (after the 101.1 at 2:30am!!) and he even ate 5oz of his 6oz bottle. I tend to think he is teething and caught a little bug. Hopefully he is on the mend and a tooth will pop out today!! We'll keep you posted!

As for me, I've had a tough week myself. Going back to work was way harder than I thought it would be. I'm having terrible guilt about going back to work instead of staying home with the baby. Things weren't bad in June when I was working as a summer school teacher, but I was only working 5 hours and it was only for 4 weeks. Now real life begins. I wish we could afford for me to cut back to part time, but unfortunately our finances are where we both need to work. We could do some drastic cuts (like sell the house, get rid of cars, etc) but I love where we live and the neighborhood is wonderful. I really want William to grow up right where we are, so I guess there are just some hard decisions to make. I was talking to Mom about it, and she said that the work/stay home issue is hard for all moms. Maybe once school really gets going things will get a little easier. I do have to say that now that I am back at work, it is very clear to see how my priorities have changed. Family now comes before work, and it always did before, but now it is very more clear!

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