Friday, January 8, 2010

An interesting development

This week wasn't a totally horrible week, but a week filled with some concerning news. Let's start off with Monday. For a while now, Michael has been having some trouble keeping his head up and it is always tilted. Since I am the computer geek that I am, I got on the computer and "Googled" tilted, head, infant - up popped "Torticollis". Torticollis is a tightening of the neck muscles on one side. So, on Monday, since Benjamin was off of work and watching the boys, I asked him to take Michael to the pediatrician to get checked out. The doctor said that Michael does have Torticollis, and had Benjamin take him to radiology for an x-ray of his neck to make sure that the Torticollis is muscular and not skeletal. So, when school was out, I called Benjamin to see how things were going and met him at the radiology office. They sent us to the hospital because the hospital's equipment was better for the baby. So, about 2 hours later, Michael got the x-ray and did great. The rest of the week was just waiting for the results. After a few phone calls, I finally got the results today that Michael's x-ray was normal (good news) and the torticollis is muscular. So now, we have an appointment with out-patient rehabilitation for an evaluation for Michael. The good news is that Torticollis is curable with physical therapy. So, once we get the evaluation, we will find out how long we need Michael in PT and if we can do some of the movement and stretches at home with him. Our appointment is next Friday - as long as the insurance goes through. I hope that my little Michael will get more control of his neck so he can do some sitting up soon. He is still on track developmentally. In fact, while he was at the pediatrician's he was grabbing at his toy hooked on the car seat. He is full of smiles and has been doing great sleeping through the night with that miracle blanket! So, now if we can just take care of his little neck, things will be much better for him.

Wouldn't it have been nice to just have to deal with the Toriticollis? But of course, that would be too easy. When I picked up William and Michael from daycare today, Robin (the lady who takes care of them) said that William really didn't eat much and had a runny nose. OH MAN! That can only mean one thing - another ear infection. Of course, this was all at 4pm on Friday, so once I got home with the kids, I called our ENT to see if he could call us in a prescription for some antibiotics. This poor kid has only been off antibiotics for 2 weeks! So, we will be talking to the ENT to schedule William to get another set of tubes soon. His last set really helped him, so I hope this set will too. I have to say, that even when William has an ear infection, he is still a happy boy. He won't let it get him down until it gets to the point of an almost rupture of the membrane. What a little trooper. He is now in bed for the night and I sure hope he gets a good night's sleep. He really needs it.

After a very long stressful week, I am exhausted. Thank goodness I can sleep in a little tomorrow. Now, if only my boys cooperate with me and LET me sleep in, it would be blissful!!

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