Monday, December 28, 2009

How did a month get by without me Blogging?

Wow! I can't believe it has been over a month since I have Blogged. I guess things just got kinda crazy. Let me see if I can catch you up. I went back to work on Dec 7th. It was extremely hard for me to go back earlier than I had planned, but again it made sense since we really needed the money. The two weeks back really weren't bad. The kids did pretty good considering they are hyper anyway right before Christmas, but also because they had a student teacher and a sub since Sept. It was kinda nice to get back to work, but I did cry everyday I left for work that first week. I was sooo behind, but after some organization and some rearranging, I think my classroom is going to be great for the rest of the year.

William is doing great. He did end up with a couple ear infections since my last post, so we visited the ENT to see about William getting another set of ear tubes. The Doc said that we could get another set or "wait and see". We decided to "wait and see" because his last infection the pediatrician gave him a different antibiotic. His last dose was Christmas morning, and he seems to be doing fine. However, if he gets another infection in the next couple months, then we will get the tubes. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but if it will help him then it will be worth it.

Baby Michael is doing great as well! I can't get over how fast he is growing. A couple weeks ago I packed away the newborn clothes and got out the 0-3month size, and even some of those are getting tight. He is smiling a lot now, but still needs to work on his neck muscles. He is a really good baby, other than his 6pm fit. I don't know what it is, but at about 6pm every night he has a crying fit. I don't know if I would consider it "colic" or not, but whatever it is, it is no fun. But really, he is a good baby otherwise! He is in awe of his big brother and a complete sweetheart! I think I hit the parent jackpot with my 2 wonderful boys!!

Benjamin is doing fine. He worked hard on the basement to put back the wall he knocked down so his bowling machine would fit. I don't think I have mentioned it on this Blog, but we are selling our house. Our old house was put on the market, so we decided to put in an offer. Our offer was accepted, so now all we need to do is sell our house. It has been on the market for about 6 weeks, and no offers yet, but we hope we will get one soon. It isn't the best time to sell with the housing market where it is, but we will do the best we can!

Here are a few pics from Christmas, and I'll try to Blog more and not let a month go between posts!

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Kate said...

you have SUCH cute boys! And love those smiles from Michael!! Hope you had a merry christmas!