Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Yes, yet again I have not posted in over a month. Now that I share a lot of what is going on with us on Facebook, I admit that I do not keep up on this blog. The month of January was a nice month and a nice way to begin the new year. I'd have to say that the most exciting part of the month is that Mikey started walking!! I can't say the exact day that he started, but I know he was a week or two into 15 months. This is a HUGE milestone. He has been behind in all his milestones, and this is the milestone he made the closest to "normal". We are still going physical therapy, but I have a feeling once he can bend down and pick something up, that will be it for PT. He is close to doing it, but just needs a hand on something to help out his balance. William is great. I can't believe his birthday is in 2 weeks. How is it possible that my baby is going to be 4? I am so torn. On one hand, I love watching him grow up, learn to count, learn his letters, be excited about reading, and just really doing a lot independently. But, I hate it that he doesn't need me as much either. I am still the one he runs to when he gets hurt, but most of the time it is, "Mommy, I can do it by myself!" At least Mikey still needs me a little more, but he too is needing me less and less. There is a sense of freedom for parents when kids can do more on their own, but also a sense of sadness that I will no longer have a baby. Benjamin and I talked about having another baby, and even considered it for a couple months, but I think the consensus is to be a family of 4. I guess I will not get another chance for the girl I wanted, but I wouldn't trade my boys for anything EVER!!! Looks like cars, trucks, dirt, and all things boy is my life now. At least I have a girl dog! hehehe Benjamin is doing well too. He is starting a crazy month of trainings. For the next month, he will be gone for almost 3 weeks on trainings. The one I am sad about is the one he is going on during Spring Break. New York!! I so want to go with him since I am on Spring Break that week, but I just don't see how we can afford the $500 plane ticket and all the other expenses that go with a trip to New York. So, I guess I will have to plan a trip back to New York once we win the lottery! ;-) I haven't been too happy at work lately. My class is a great bunch of kids, but sometimes I get frustrated with the lack of effort and pride the kids have only being in 3rd grade. That, plus new standards for Colorado and no money for any type of resources to go with the new standards has me thinking about changing careers. I'm not too sure how serious I am about changing careers, but I think this summer I will actively start looking into different positions. On another note, we have officially celebrated a year back in our house. I am very glad we are back and still think it is crazy how we ended up back in the house we built and then sold. Things happen in life that really surprise us, and this is definitely one of those times! So, what do the next few months have in store for our family (since I probably won't post again until April! hehehe) William's 4th birthday and just living life. Today is a day off of school for President's Day. Benjamin is in Denver for a training, so it is a day of just Mommy and her boys. I plan on thoroughly enjoying it! These days are few and far between. I am really looking forward to March 2nd as that is the day I get to get my new iPhone!! I am really excited. I am such a nerd!

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