Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Dear Michael,

What an amazing year it has been my love! We have watched you grow so much in the last year that sometimes it is hard to even believe it. When you first came into this world, we loved you so much, and we continue to love you more and more with each passing day. The first few months of your life were full of change for our family. William was getting used to being a brother, and you were getting used to being out of the womb. I have to admit, that you were a very big cry-baby! You were on the verge of having colic, which is something Daddy and I were getting used it too. I had to leave you when you were only 2 months old and go back to work. However, you made the transition to daycare very easily, and it was nice to have your big brother there to watch over you! At 2 months old, you were diagnosed with Torticollis, a tightening of the neck muscle, forcing you to tilt your head. We started taking you to physical therapy once a week to stretch your muscles. You also had an x-ray and a CAT scan to make sure there wasn't something else going on. Luckily, those tests came out fine, and the physical therapy was working well. You had your first Christmas and had lots of fun. In January, we were packing up the house and moving back to our old house. Moving was a little tougher with a baby, but you made the transition to the new house with ease. You were doing great, and at 6 months we got you into the Colorado Blue Sky program and that got us free physical therapy and a new therapist, which was a great change. By the time summer rolled around, you had your first tooth already and we were getting ready for our big family vacation to San Diego and Disneyland. You weren't quite sitting up, but you were rolling around like crazy! You did great on your plane rides and had fun on our vacation. You were such a great baby on vacation. You hardly ever got fussy and loved being around people! You had your first taste of homemade ice cream on the 4th of July and your first swim - which you loved both!! In August, you spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa because Mommy and Daddy took a vacation back to Disneyland. You had fun with Grandma and Papa, even though we missed you a lot while we were gone. Mommy started back at work, and this time, going back to daycare took some getting used to for you, but you got used to it. The end of August, we took you to Denver Children's Hospital to have you evaluated for your delays. You were so cute and all the ladies who were evaluating you were so dazzled by your happy disposition. The doctors said you have "Developmental Coordination Disorder" and you were 4 months behind. No matter, we love you and are relieved that there isn't a disease causing your delay. In September, we had your first birthday party at the church, and all your friends and family came. Now you are 12 months and 1 week old and are rolling, crawling, pulling up, and cruising around the furniture. You are even saying some words, like "Mama, Dada, Ut-oh, Doggie, No, and Yellow". You are quite the talker! You love to eat and give Mommy kisses! At your 1st birthday dr's visit, you were 21 lbs and 29 3/4 in! You are growing and learning so much now that I am loving to see your progress. You aren't as behind as you were and I bet you will be walking soon! We love you little boy, and I am so glad you decided to be a part of our family!

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