Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes, I'm slacking on my posting

I admit that I should be posting more. So, let's see if I can get you caught up. Two weeks ago I started having a reaction to the Procardia that the dr gave me to stop my preterm labor. I got a nasty rash on my hands, arms, chest, and kinda all over. I stopped taking the Procardia and started taking Benadryl. I was nervous to stop the Procardia, but so far no contractions, so that is great! Of course, this reaction happened 2 days before Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary party. Of course!! (By the way, the party went really well, and it was nice to see all our friends and family. Thanks for everyone that helped me out!!) Anyway, the reaction started to go away, and it completely gone now. I had a doctor's appointment last week as a check up, and the good news is that I haven't had any change. So, that along with the good cervix measurement a couple weeks ago, the doctor was feeling pretty good about things. He even lifted some restrictions, but I am still supposed to take it easy. The longer I take it easy during the summer, the more I should be able to work once school starts in August. I'm glad that I even get to work a little! So, things are going well. The baby is moving a lot and likes to kick me about 9pm and 3am if I have to get up to use the bathroom. William is his cute little self. We have noticed that he is talking a lot more the past couple weeks. He still has some things we can't understand, but he is really developing those communication skills. Benjamin is doing well too. He put in a dog door, but unfortunately we found mold under the paneling in the family room!! Ugh! So, his little project had turn into a total home improvement project. I am lucky I am married to a very handy man! So, as you can see, we are doing pretty well here. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We did - even though it rained. Here are a few pics from Mom and Dad's 40th....

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