Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everything is just PEACHY!

Ok, I know I am a nerd! I am now 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a peach. I went last week for an ultrasound called an NT scan. They measure the baby's neck and if it is thicker than normal, it could be a marker for Down Syndrome. It is coupled with a blood test, and I'm not sure what they check for in the blood. I haven't gotten the blood test results, but the measurement of the neck was great! The baby wasn't exactly cooperating and was facing my back, so we got some pictures of its back. There was no way to get a look to see if he/she is a he or a she! Hopefully, he/she will cooperate at my next ultrasound. I'm not sure when that will be, but I have a regular check-up next week, and I'll probably find out then. In other pregnancy news, I have been feeling better. My morning sickness is much more manageable. There are days where I don't have any at all, and let me tell you, it is GREAT!! I have FINALLY gotten over my cold that lasted the entire month, so that is good too. So, I guess other than the fatigue (which is still going strong) I'm feeling more like myself, and that is just wonderful!

William is so much fun lately. Last night we colored Easter Eggs, and he LOVED it! Grandma and Grandpa came over to help and boy was it fun. Even though there were come cracked eggs and blue, red, and green tinged fingers, the eggs are beautiful! I am a little worried about the hunt tomorrow since it is supposed to snow! We might have to have an indoor hunt! William is growing like a weed. Most of his pants are high-waters, so maybe Mommy and Daddy need to get him some new ones. We have also gotten him a potty chair. He's not a pro yet, but he did use it once - which I think we just caught him at the right time. I hope we can get him trained by the time the baby comes in October. That way we will only have to have 1 kid in diapers. His "Big Boy Bed' is at Uncle Eric's house, and we will pick it up when we go up to Denver in a couple weeks for the Pinball Show we go to every year. A big boy bed and a potty chair! This little boy isn't as little as he used to be!

Our plans for Easter are a breakfast a church, then church, and dinner over my Grandparents. It should be a very nice day. I hope everyone has a great Easter, and enjoys time with family.

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Helene said...

I am so happy and relieved for you all that everything is looking perfect. We go in next Monday for our NT scan. I hope & pray it goes as well as yours!